Cargo charters

Air Charter Agency offers a wide range of cargo planes and helicopters for emergency supplies, including heavy and bulky, anywhere in the world.

Our experts know:

  • Which aircraft is the most suitable for your cargo and where it’s located nearby;
  • Exact characteristics of cargo planes to choose the right option.

We transport

  • Equipment for Oil and Gas industry
  • Power equipment
  • Engines for aircraft and ships
  • Communication equipment
  • Engineering units
  • Vehicles
  • Musical equipment and instruments
  • Valuable cargo.

Do you need a cargo plane or helicopter?
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Our advantages for Cargo shipment:

  1. Airport representatives for all the operational issues.
  2. Flexible schedule: quick approval and quick rescheduling of shipment if necessary.
  3. Connection with scheduled flights or helicopter transport.
  4. Wide range of specialized aircraft and helicopters.
  5. Personal manager is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.