Music charters

Organization of a music tour flights is a complex task, which includes transportation of artists, VIP guests, as well as studio equipment and musical instruments.

Air Charter Agency has extensive experience in the charter flight organization for:

  • Orchestras - large airplanes and additional cargo aircrafts for the careful transportation of musical instruments along the route.
  • Music groups – including long music tours with providing VIP aircraft for comfortable transportation of artists.
  • Theatres - from regional theatre tours to transportation of large groups of circus performers.
  • Cinema and TV – flights for film crews and actors as well as for their equipment.

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Our advantages for Music charters:

  1. Company representative at the airport.
  2. Flexible schedule: quick approvals and schedule changes if necessary.
  3. Transfers and connections to your regular flights.
  4. Personalized service at the airport to reduce the time of preflight procedures.
  5. Exclusive prices.
  6. Personal manager is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  7. Branded solutions for your company at the airport and inside the aircraft.