Personnel logistics

Air Charter Agency has extensive experience in the transportation of shift personnel around the world. We consider all the parameters of your logistic projects, including connection of charter flights and helicopter transportation.

Among other companies we serve:

  • Oil and Gas Industry;
  • Construction business;
  • Exploration and Mining;
  • Transportation of ships crews;
  • Space industry.

Need a charter to move your Personnel?
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Our advantages for Personnel logistics:

  1. Company representative at the airport.
  2. Flexible schedule: quick approvals and schedule changes if necessary.
  3. Connection with scheduled flights or helicopter transport.
  4. Personalized service at the airport to reduce the time of preflight procedures.
  5. Exclusive prices.
  6. Wide range of aircrafts and helicopters for personnel transportation.
  7. Personal manager is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.