1. What is the Charter Flight?
  2. How to book?
  3. How to pay?
  4. How to exchange and return the ticket?

What is the Charter Flight?

Charter flights are non-scheduled flights on the terms of a charter agreement between the customer (tour operator) and the air carrier.

Unlike a regular flight, the consolidator (customer) of a charter flight is a travel company (usually a large tour operator). Under an agreement with the airline, the Tour Operator charters the entire aircraft and sends it in the right direction on a seasonal basis.

A ticket for a charter flight is significantly (sometimes 2-3 times) cheaper than a regular flight. In addition, regular flights simply do not fly to a number of popular "beach" resorts, or their number is minimal.

Air tickets for charter flights, as a rule, are completed with tours to popular tourist destinations, and tickets are included in the standard tour. However, they can often be purchased without a tour.

Pay attention to passengers:

  • the airline can change the time of departure, as charter flights are performed on the same aircraft as regular and changes in the regular schedule entail the transfer of a charter flight.
  • in case of refusal of the flight, charter flights are not subject to exchange or refund.

How to book?

When ordering a charter ticket, a Certificate is issued confirming the right to receive the itinerary receipt of an electronic ticket. The certificate is not a ticket and is not valid for the flight, because does not contain ticket number.

On the eve of the date of departure, instead of a certificate, an electronic air ticket is issued. A passenger is allowed to fly only if there is a route-receipt of an electronic ticket and a passport.

In charter flights, it is possible to change the departure time (within the designated date), airports, flight numbers, and air carrier are subject to change. You will receive information on changes in the flight to the email you specified when ordering.

Before departure, the passenger must independently clarify information about possible changes in the schedule.

The day before the departure of the return flight, the passenger must check the information on the return flight. If the passenger refuses to carry the carriage for any reason, the cost of the ticket is not refunded and the ticket cannot be exchanged.

If a passenger does not show up for the first segment of round-trip flight, the airline will cancel the ticket for the return flight, and the passenger will not be able to use the return flight.

How to pay?

Credit card payment is the fastest and most affordable payment method.

Be careful! Payment with a VISA Electron or Maestro card is possible if your card has a CVC or CVV code:

Check for CVC or CVV

Payment order:

  1. Make sure you have a CVC code (CVC2) or CVV (CVV2) on the back of the card.
  2. Fill in the fields on the plastic card data entry form.
  3. Click the "Pay" button, wait for the result or or follow the step-by-step instructions of the payment system.
  4. After making the payment, an itinerary receipt confirming the purchase of an electronic ticket will be sent to your e-mail address provided during the ordering process.


Payment on the Internet using a bank card is made through an authorization server.

To make a payment, you must provide your plastic card details. Air Charter Agency does not receive and does not store your data provided during the payment. This information is transmitted to the authorization server only via communication channels protected by security protocols (SSL 3.0).

Further passage of information occurs through closed bank communication channels with a high degree of protection.

Payment Safety Notice

How to exchange and return the ticket?

Charter tickets are not subject to exchange or return